Cyber Consulting

Security advice you can use,
not just a report

OS Hardening

Linux operating system attack surface reduction

Security Architecture

Designing complex systems, protocols and interfaces

Machine Learning

Security of Machine Learning Systems, including IP protection

Software Development

Secure Developement Practices & Tooling

Security Research

Reverse Engineering and Tooling for Exploitation


Robust design using best practices, from existing building blocks

Cyber Consultant


With nearly 20 years of experience in the cyber-security industry, Guy held various positions in both corporates and start-ups.

He is currently a Cyber Security Consultant, focusing on OS and Services Hardening, Cryptography, AI Security, and Reverse Engineering.

Guy is the BSidesTLV chairman and CTF lead, a Public speaker, and the recipient of the Cisco “black belt” security ninja honor – Cisco’s highest cyber security advocate rank.

Starting out as a software developer for security startups and later spent 8 years in the IDF. After completing his degrees in Electrical Engineering and Applied Mathematics, he focused on security research, in the real world.

He joined NDS (later acquired by Cisco) and led the Anti-Hacking, Cryptography and Supply Chain Security Groups (~25 people in US and Israel).

Leaving the corporate for a while to be a CTO of a startup in the Industrial IoT space (17 people), he later returned to Intel to lead the “Predictive Threat Analysis” group (~10 people) who focused on the security of machine learning systems and trusted execution environments.

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